Privacy Things

Hey, y’all –

If you’ve visited my blog at all this week you might have noticed something new in the footer. A privacy policy.

Today, the EU’s new General Data Protection Policy goes into effect. You can learn more about the law and how it could possibly affect your business here and here.

But the short of this is that bloggers and company owners (like me) need to be more transparent with patrons and readers about when they’re taking personal data, and what they’re using it for. We also need to offer the ability for users to opt in or out of submitting personal data.

Currently, the only information I (and when I say ” I,” I really mean my blog’s host WordPress) collect (that I am fully aware of) is email addresses from people who subscribe to or follow my blog, the email addresses from anyone who contacts me, and the commenting tool which collects usernames and information from commenters.

Please know that I will NEVER sell or give your information to any third party and will only use the information provided to reach out to someone (who has contacted me first), and send new blog posts and updates. If you’d like for your information to be removed from my blog’s databases please contact me.

Please be sure to read my privacy policy and the privacy policy of all of the businesses you work with, blogs you subscribe to and websites you regularly visit. It’s important!

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