About This Blog!

Hello, fellow dancer/lover of dance/who stumbled upon my blog by accident–please don’t click away just yet!

In case you’re wondering what  DanceTopia is, it’s a blog that revolves all around my favorite subject, my first love–dance. 

But first a bit about me…

I grew up in Florida and started dancing at the age of 5. I  When I went to college, my parents’ insistence that I pursue a “practical” career path in addition to dance, led me to study journalism, which I also grew to love, but my passion for dance never fell by the wayside.  Now, I’m a recent college grad who dances professionally while also seeking out new ways to marry my love of dance and writing. This blog, DanceTopia, is my latest stop on that journey.

To my readers,

Whether your feet look like hooks or barely point, whether your leg goes behind your ear or not, and no matter how many years you have put into this art form,  I hope you will call this blog home. I hope it teaches you, challenges your beliefs or affirms you in some way. So throw on your best leotard, get a good stretch in, and get ready for an exciting exploration of dance and how to be the best dancer you can be!

Keep on Dancin’

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