Dance World News (Feb. 17, 2017)

Buckle up for heavy metal bands, the return of “Rite of Spring,” protesting a ballet performance and tap takeovers!


Who says you can’t go home? Former ABT principal dancer Paloma Herrera assumes directorship of Argentinian dance company Teatro Colón. Herrera trained at Colón prior to pursuing her dreams of a pro career in America at age 19.

Dancers are metal af! Pulse Dance Company is teaming up with rock band The Modern Savage for their season finale show in Anchorage, Alaska. The performance will also feature a modernized version of legendary piece “Rite of Spring,” originally choreographed by Vaslav Najinsky and with music by Igor Stravinsky.

Public Broadcasting(Ballet) Service. New York City Ballet performs on PBS’s Great Performances tonight at 9 p.m., you can watch the trailer below. The performance is part of a two-part series featuring four ballets by George Balanchine.


Following in the footsteps of dance films like Step Up and Strictly Come Dancing La La Land has popularized tap and musical theater in dance studios all over the country and around the world.

Artistic Expression or Political PropagandaProtestors in Melbourne are railing against a National Ballet of China performance saluting the all-female company of the Chinese Red Army The Red Detachment of Women. Protestor Frank Ruan has slammed the play as being “like putting salt on the wounds of some Chinese people”.


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