It was another off day… :/

So I know I’ve said this before, but this time I’m serious…I’m going to commit to writing a blog every day starting today. I feel like I might do better at sticking with a resolution if I start it before New Year.

So yesterday I had another wonky rehearsal. I’m sure I can partially blame it on the cold I’m nursing and the fact that I haven’t been in an actual dance class since Saturday (thanks holiday break) and the fact that I did an hour long work out shortly before rehearsal. But part of me feels like my brain just isn’t on sometimes. I hate those days, even more than the rough days I have when I know I haven’t been in class and I’m cold, or the days when I know I didn’t rehearse (those are few and far between anyway). The days where I’m not on simply because my brain shorts out are the worst, because I can’t put my finger on what happened. It just gets weird and then I start to wonder if it’s just me. If I’m not cut out for this world because my brain just doesn’t stay “on” enough.

I’ve gotten affirmations, and I want to believe that if I keep doing the work I’ll get it back but those moments of uncertainty are always unnerving. Luckily, there’s less than a week until the studios open back up, and until then I’m working out and rehearsing at home.

So I guess I just have to keep working.

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