DanceTopia: The Podcast Episodes 2 and 3 Show Notes


Episode 2: 

Not much to say about the second episode – other than I love my mom!

Episode 3:

I know my Spanish isn’t great but that’s what Duolingo and 14 years of Spanish from 2nd grade through college are for.

In the same vein, I pronounced claqué wrong. The accent should be on the -qué sound (clah – KAY).

In case you still haven’t seen it, this is the video for “This is America”

Here’s an article from Glamour on This is America’s choreographer Sherri Silver – it was the only article I read prior to writing my own reaction blog.

Also because I forgot to include it the last time, my theme song is:

 Exotic Wind by Oshóva |
Music promoted by
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

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