Terpsichorean Heroes: Isabella Boylston Gives the Gift of Ballet to Her Home State

ABT principal Isabella Boylston is giving the gift of dance back to her hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho.

The 30-year-old ballerina is organizing the inaugural Ballet Sun Valley. The three-day festival will take place at the Sun Valley Pavilion and feature performances from the New York City Ballet, Royal Ballet, San Francisco Ballet and the Mariinsky Ballet.

“This feels like a very personal project,” Boylston told the New York Times.

While Boylston has yet to reveal her full cast-list of dancers, she says they are all dancers with whom she has an existing relationship. Boylston herself will be dancing the solo originally intended for Sara Mearns from “The Bright Motion.” Gemma Bond has also been commissioned to choreograph a piece based around a solar eclipse that is supposed to happen over Sun Valley the weekend of the festival.

“We thought that would be a cool theme to draw inspiration from,” Boylston said.

Boylston is hoping this festival will become a regular event. Congratulations, Isabella. DanceTopia wishes you the best of luck.


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